Up to $10,000 to support full-time BIPOC faculty groups for peer-to-peer mentoring

Deadline for Proposals is May 5, 2022

These grants are designated for full-time BIPOC faculty who teach Religion or Theology at colleges, universities and theological schools in the United States and Canada, and are intended to support the development of multi-year, peer-to-peer, relationships through small group connections to enrich and strengthen teaching and the teaching life.

Minoritized faculty face particular challenges and pressures and can benefit from networks of peer-to-peer mentoring. Peer mentoring conversations, helpful in all seasons of a career, can surface ways to meet the demands of teaching, the teaching life and administrative responsibilities. They can also provide BIPOC colleagues with strategies to discern and navigate career challenges, institutional pressures and work-life balance.

Peer-Mentoring conversations are open for the BIPOC applicants to design within the parameters of the Wabash Center mission (http://wabash.center/about/mission/). A key for successful proposals is to create a design that structures a series of gatherings for conversation that build a network of support for the exploration of one’s academic vocation and the teaching life. 

Each year we gather cluster leaders, whose proposals have been accepted, for a required initial meeting. This meeting is scheduled for August 8-9, 2022. The aim of this meeting is to help cluster leaders increase capacity for designed conversations, community formation and processes of mentoring.

The 2022-23 Cluster Leaders’ Meeting is August 8 & 9, 2022.