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Being Black Teaching Black: Politics and Pedagogy in Religious Studies

In this volume a group of eminent African American scholars of religious and theological studies examine the problems and prospects of black scholarship in the theological academy. They assess the role that prominent black scholars have played in transforming the study and teaching of religion and theology, the need for a more thorough-going incorporation of the fruits of black scholarship into the mainstream of the academic study of religion, and the challenges and opportunities of bringing black art, black intellectual thought, and black culture into predominantly white classrooms and institutions.

Edited by Nancy Lynne Westfield
Abingdon Press
November 2008

A study book from a Christian perspective with stories, poems, songs, and activities that explore differences in language, culture, foods, and religious beliefs and celebrations.

Nancy Lynne Westfield
Friendship Press
March 1996


What allows African American women not just to survive, but to become resilient? Nancy Lynne Westfield finds an answer to this question as she examines the Dear Sisters’ Literary Group. As a Womanist scholar, Westfield reflects on the ways in which the hospitality of the group relates to the long-standing African American tradition of concealed gatherings, the Christian tradition of hospitality, and Christian education.

Nancy Lynne Westfield
The Pilgrim Press
October 2007

Over the last thirty years African American voices and perspectives have become essential to the study of the various theological disciplines. Writing out of their particular position in the North American context, African American thinkers have contributed significantly to biblical studies, theology, church history, ethics, sociology of religion, homiletics, pastoral care, and a number of other fields. Frequently the work of these African American scholars is brought together in the seminary curriculum under the rubric of the black church studies class. Drawing on these several disciplines, the black church studies class seeks to give an account of the broad meaning of Christian faith in the African American experience. Up to now, however, there has not been a single, comprehensive textbook designed to meet the needs of students and instructors in these classes. Black Church Studies: An Introduction will meet that need. Drawing on the work of specialists in several fields, it introduces all of the core theological disciplines from an African American standpoint, from African American biblical interpretation to womanist theology and and ethics to sociological understandings of the life of African American churches. It will become an indispensable resource for all those preparing to serve in African American congregations, or to understand African American contributions to the study of Christian faith.

Authors: Nancy Lynne Westfield, Stacey Floyd-Thomas, Juan Floyd-Thomas, Carol B. Duncan, and Stephen G. Ray, Jr.
Abingdon Press
November 2007

Shows the clear connection between justice and religious education in the Black experience.

The resource sets forth the cultural imperatives of ministry and the contextual nature of a public theology of religious education that connects faith formation and action in addressing profoundly difficult, unjust, and wounding experiences of Black people in society. The book begins with the, often neglected, practice of lament as a necessary first step in vital public theological reflection and action. The book proceeds with meanings and ways of equipping persons within and beyond church settings to critically reflect on life and leadership in the throes of present-day social and political realities. It further provides practices for forming skills and shows how to partner with the spiritual guides needed to shape a just public arena and fruitful individual lives.

General Editors: Anne E. Streaty Wimberly, Nathaniel D. West, Annie Lockhart-Gilroy
Contributing Authors:Joseph V. Crockett, Sarah F. Farmer, Annie Lockhart-Gilroy, Cynthia P. Stewart, Nathaniel D. West, Nancy Lynne Westfield, Richelle B. White, Anne E. Streaty Wimberly, Mary H. Young
Wesley’s Foundery Press