Early Career Theological School Faculty (Hybrid)

2023 Hybrid Teaching and Learning Workshop for

Early Career Theological School Faculty

Application Deadline:

September 29, 2022

Schedule of Sessions

All Virtual Sessions – Thursdays, 1:00-2:30pm EST/10:00am-11:30pm Pacific

  • Session 1 – January 19, 2023 (virtual)
  • Session 2 – March 9, 2023 (virtual)
  • Session 3 – May 18, 2023 (virtual)
  • In person: June 26-30, 2023
  • Session 4 – August 3, 2023 (virtual)
  • Session 5 – October 19, 2023 (virtual)
  • Session 6 – December 7, 2023 (virtual)

Leadership Team

Christine J. Hong, Ph.D., Columbia Theological Seminary 

Brian Bantum, Ph.D., Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary


This hybrid workshop invites teachers who are in their first years and are curious about how to embody the fullness of their lives and vocations. We are teachers, but many of us are also, artists, creative thinkers, craftspeople, thought leaders, to name a few. Each of us contains multitudes. We invite participants to join a relational community of peers and leaders who value a cultivation of capacities for empathic care and generative collegiality. This hybrid workshop will encourage storytelling, co-teaching and learning, creative exercises, towards building a networked community. This community builds itself through the exploration of:

  • self-reflection about wholeness in the present
  • identifying opportunities for agency in institutional and personal life
  • naming myths of life in the academy
  • reflecting on whole personhood in and out of institutional spaces
  • identify pedagogical postures, practices, and tools that build from your wholeness.

The hybrid workshop will gather for six online sessions and an in-person summer session at Wabash Center. Sessions will include small group and plenary discussions, structured and unstructured social time, and time for personal and communal growth, relaxation, restoration, and shared meals.

Workshop Goals

  • To create classroom spaces that foster wholeness for others and to understand wholeness as a multifaceted and ever-changing life-long vocation
  • To identify practices of agency in personal and institutional life
  • To explore, practice, and experience pedagogies of care

Participant Eligibility

  • Tenure track, continuing term, and/or full-time contingency
  • 1-6 years of teaching in a full-time, tenure track or other continuing position
  • Job description or contract that is wholly or primarily inclusive of teaching 
  • Faculty membership in an accredited seminary or theological school in the United States Puerto Rico, or Canada
  • Doctoral degree completed by January 2023
  • Tenure decision, if applicable, no earlier than January 2024
  • Institutional support and personal commitment to participate fully in all hybrid workshop sessions.

Application Materials 

Please complete and attach the following documents to the online application:

1. Application Contact Information form. 

2. Cover letter:

  • An introductory letter describing the challenges and opportunities at your institution as regards to your teaching and your reasons for wanting to participate in this collaborative endeavor.(250 words).

3. Brief essay describing:

  • Writing in first-person, describe a personal experience of wholeness (or even a glimpse) and ways that you have cultivated, or ways that you hope to cultivate, that experience into your teaching and teaching life. Describe how that moment has impacted your teaching and/or the obstacles you have faced in integrating your whole self into your teaching. (750 words)

4. Academic CV (4-page limit). 

5. A letter of institutional support for your full participation in this  hybrid workshop from your Department Chair, Academic Dean, Provost, Vice President, or President. Please have this recommendation uploaded directly to your application according to the online application instructions. 

Honorarium and Small Grant

Participants will receive an honorarium of $3,500 for full participation in the hybrid workshop. In addition, participants are eligible to apply for a small project grant up to the amount of $5000. https://www.wabashcenter.wabash.edu/wabash-grants/small-project-grants/

Read More about Payment of Participants