Payment of Participants

Processes and Procedures for the Payment of Honorarium

The Wabash Center is able to reimburse participants for all workshop- and colloquy-related travel expenses.

Once a participant is accepted into a Wabash workshop or colloquy, the Wabash College business office will determine the correct procedure for payment of honoraria.

All U.S. citizens will need to fill out a W-9 for each calendar year that they are in the workshop or colloquy.

Citizens of other countries will need to fill out a “Foreign National Information Form” to inform us of their immigration and/or citizenship status.

In general, honoraria can be paid to:

  • U.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents – no restrictions on honorarium payments. Canadian citizens working in Canada – no restrictions on payment if you enter the U.S. on a B-1 Visa for Business and have a SSN or ITIN. You must provide appropriate paperwork prior to your travel and complete some forms once you have arrived.
  • Citizens of other countries teaching in the U.S. and Canada will need to submit photocopies of their immigration status documents with the “Foreign National Information Form” so we can determine the correct procedure for the payment of an honorarium.

The Wabash Center cannot pay honoraria directly to participants who are in the U.S. under the H-1B status. This status is for individuals who have long-term employment with a specific employer, thus that employer is the only entity authorized to pay the individual. We will work directly with your dean, principal, or rector to see if payment is possible through your institution. 

Additional Information

W-9 (pdf)
When accepted into a Wabash Center program or event that includes an honorarium, US citizens will need to fill out a W-9 for tax purposes.

Foreign National Information form (pdf)
All citizens of other countries must complete this form

Please contact us with any questions or concerns:
Rachel Mills